I’ve been at this for a while.. I just don’t write blog entries too consistently. I’m a hacker, a coder, a technology enthusiast and sometimes, a car guy. This blog serves as a medium to spew thoughts I can’t or won’t really discuss with anyone else for the time being either due to a lack of interest on their part or some hesitation on mine (could be anything).

My background includes many years of working with Linux and FreeBSD, exploiting PHP for profit while hacking on anything else that peaks my interest on my free time. I run a small network of servers for various things, as well am working on a couple side projects that I hope to one day turn a profit on.

Read the articles. you’ll learn more about me through them than me rambling on about how I perceive self.

If you have cool or interesting infosec opportunities, please reach out!

Find me: tj0


irc.freenode.net ##security ##php irc.rizon.net #/g/sec #baot